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Hotel Florian & Godler

4 * boutique hotel
in the center of Karlovac

Hotel offers guests an extraordinary vacation spot created by combining unique architecture and structure, decent interiors and a wealth of amenities located within the hotel.
If you add to this an excellent service that we guarantee to our guests - the result is an unforgettable experience.



“City on Four Rivers”, “City of Parks and greenery”, “The city of encounters” are just some of the nicknames that adorn this small town.

Most know it only as a transit point to other parts of Croatia, and in fact, know very little about its history, but although small, Karlovac preserves the priceless historical and cultural heritage, architecture and unprecedented natural beauties. Karlovac is rich with museums, churches, castles, rivers and baths, beautiful parks and promenades, hiking trails and plenty of sports and recreational facilities.



The restaurants in Karlovac have food for everyone’s palates, and the Karlovac menus are rich in gastronomic specialties that blend influences from Western, Central and Southern Europe and local indigenous cuisine. The Austrian, Hungarian, Turkish and Italian cuisine and of course Croatian – Dalmatian, Slavonian and cuisine of Lika had the biggest influence on Karlovac gastronomic offer.