Karlovac is not only famous for its parks and rivers, but also for its rich sports tradition that exists for 200 years. As you walk through the city, you will often see people running on banks and biking, which is quite common.

Namely, the sport is so popular in Karlovac that almost every empty surface has basketball and football courts, or the increasingly popular outdoor training grounds – the so-called street workout.

Regardless of whether you are visiting Karlovacas a tourist or you are just a day passer or maybe you live in it and you want to try some sport activity to improve your health, everyone in Karlovac will find something for themselves and the offer of activities is colorful and versatile.

Karlovac offers absolutely everything, from gyms, football pitches (indoor and outdoor), handball courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, water jumps, swimming pools for everyone who loves water sports, athletic running tracks, baseball courts, winter skating rinks, hiking and biking trails, and also boats and canoes.

Using a bicycle as a means of transportation is quite a common thing, and a bicycle is considered to be the primary means of moving around the city. If you are looking for cycling trails and routes, you will be delighted that Karlovac has a lot of them – both shorter and longer routes. The culture of cycling around the city of Karlovac originated in the 19th century and has continued to this day.

For lovers of adrenaline fun, Karlovac is a great location. In some of its beautiful forests, you can have fun with your friends playing paintball or airsoft or go exploring the surroundings on a quad or ATV vehicles.

However, if you like a more peaceful form of entertainment, try bow-and-arrow or air rifle shooting, and if you are not comfortable shooting you can try fishing on one of the Karlovac rivers.

If you do not feel like doing a sport that requires too much physical activity, a stroll through the city and its beautiful parks and gardens is a great choice to spend the day, and you can also visit some of the most famous tourist attractions. For a full day of nature enjoyment, have a picnic on one of the four rivers of Karlovac and enjoy the shade and beautiful natural surroundings.



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