Summer in Karlovac

Although Karlovac has no sea, it does not mean that the summer in the city is boring or lacking in summer tourist activities. Karlovac is an […]

Why we love Karlovac?

Karlovac is the 9th largest city in Croatia and the political, cultural and economic center of Karlovac County. When you walk through the city for the […]

Hotel opening

Dear guests, We can proudly announce that on June 13th of 2019, the city of Karlovac has become richer for a top-class hotel. This is the […]

Why wellness at Florian & Godler?

All visitors of our newly opened Florian & Godler Hotel in Karlovac, are in for a real treat – a mini-wellness oasis consisting of a Finnish […]

What do you need to know about Karlovac?

The city of Karlovac is located in central Croatia, 56 km from the capital of Zagreb and it is the 9th largest city in the Republic […]

Team building on the river Korana

Due to its central geographical position, the city of Karlovac is a great starting point for organizing day trips and fun and recreational activities, whether individual […]

Gastronomic journey through Karlovac

Karlovac, which is also known as the “city on four rivers” and a city of “greenery and parks”, is rich in historical and cultural heritage, beautiful […]