One-day excursions are an excellent activity for all those who love to spend the day in nature, to travel and learn about the unknown history and […]

Fishing in Karlovac

Fishing is a very popular activity and a way to relax and unwind in nature. If you like fishing, Karlovac has a lot of great sites, […]

Rafting in Karlovac

Rafting is an adrenaline adventure that attracts more and more visitors from all over Croatia year after year, and most of them are larger or smaller […]

Cycling trails in Karlovac

Cycling has always been a popular way of recreation in Karlovac, but few know the fact that Karlovac County is full of cycle paths for road […]

Recreation in Karlovac

If you are a fan of bodybuilding, professional or amateur or just want to carve your body before going to the seaside, there are several gyms […]

Dobro došli na stranice STAR TURIST na kojima možete pronaći više informacija o našem projektu "KK. Poboljšanje konkurentnosti i učinkovitosti MSP kroz informacijske i komunikacijske tehnologije (IKT)-2 ". Tvrtka STAR TURIST d.o.o. više od 10 godina uspješno posluje u turizmu, te ovim projektom želi povezati svoje tri dislocirane poslovne jedinice, kamp Lando resort 4*, Villas Rab 4* i novoizgrađeni hotel Florian&Godler 4* kako bi se povezali poslovni procesi. Saznajte više