Within the Florian & Godler Boutique Hotel in Karlovac, you will find a wellness center in addition to beautiful rooms, a delightful restaurant, and an aperitif bar. If you are looking for a full body massage and want to fully relax – head to our hotel.

Karlovac now also has a sauna in two basic forms – Turkish and Finnish, both of which are great choices for relaxing after a hard day’s work.

Classic massage

Classic massage is most often mentioned, but most people mix it with a relaxing massage, so very often you can read “relaxing classic massage” on offer, which is not entirely accurate. While relaxing massage is the most suitable and most popular for stress relief, the biggest feature of classic massage is the improvement of the circulation of the whole body. If we compare them, we can say that the intensity of the classic massage is somewhere between relaxing and a sports massage.

Classic massage creates a feeling of relaxation and comfort throughout the body and produces a total calming effect. It is very often used by athletes as a warming technique and prepares the person for stronger techniques such as complete sports massage. A classic massage is a great choice to deal with muscle tension and to restore the energy after injury.

With this technique, the body temperature is increased by 2-3 degrees Celsius, which leads to an improvement in circulation, not only on the surface of the skin but also in the subcutaneous tissue and muscles and it also causes hyperemia of these parts of the body. The supply of oxygen and nutrients is improved and the excretion of water from the body and the stimulation of immunity are enhanced.

Interested in classic massage? Come to our hotel and relax from everyday stress!

Relaxing massage

Unlike the classic one, which is often mixed with it, a relaxing massage is extremely gentle and is intended primarily to reduce stress. During a relaxing massage, the ambiance of the room itself is very important. Admittedly, the atmosphere is also important in other forms of massage, but in a relaxing massage, the atmosphere is one of the key factors. Gentle light, scented candles and sticks, essential oils and quiet relaxing music bring you to a perfect state of relaxation that is stress-free.

In addition to relaxation, the goal is to regenerate and restore the proper balance and flow of energy in the body. Unlike medical, sports or classic massage, the relaxing massage technique is not intense on the body, but with proper movements, it leads to relaxation of the whole body and mind.

The ultimate goal of a relaxing massage is to bring the person to sleep with gentle and light movements. If you are tired or have problems with insomnia, this technique is the best choice for you.

Medical massage

It is one of the most effective methods of massage and is primarily intended for solving various physical complications – neck pain, tingling sensations, spinal problems, muscle inflammation and nerve inflammation, headaches, migraines, strains, postoperative conditions and injuries, respiratory problems and the like. Medical massage is essential for successful and completely natural treatment of sciatica.

This massage aims to treat or alleviate painful conditions, which is achieved by intensifying the capillary circulation of the treated area, improving oxygen supply, accelerating metabolism and reducing muscle tone.

The intensity of the procedure is tailored to the painful location and requires extensive experience and dedication to be successfully performed.

We will often hear from trained physical therapists that only they can perform quality medical massage, but the truth is that in their training for physical therapists they are trained primarily to provide rehabilitation from injuries and / or surgery.

Special note: after this treatment, you may notice improved mood, increased confidence, and decreased anxiety and depression. This can be attributed to the effect of reducing physical symptoms and pain, and may also be associated with reducing tension.

Interested in medical massage? Contact the staff at the Florian & Godler Wellness Center.

Sports massage

As the name implies, this technique is designed for athletes, and its primary goal is to accelerate muscle recovery from physical exertion. This is achieved by reducing the muscle tone that naturally increases during training and improving circulation, especially the capillary.

Unlike conventional wisdom implies, this technique does not necessarily have to be of high intensity, but the primary focus is placed on the individual needs of each athlete on whom the massage is applied. Sports massage is the best choice for speeding up muscle recovery, where micro-traumas of muscle fibers occur during training and exercise, leading to inflammatory processes and pain.

Sports massage contributes to the removal of harmful substances from the body after the activities performed, and with its effects of muscle relaxation and reduction of lactic acid in the body contributes to faster recovery. This technique can repair minor muscle tissue injuries but also prevent potential injuries. As the massage improves blood flow to the muscle tissue, it promotes a quicker change and absorption of the nutrients needed for faster recovery of the muscles after training.

Pre-workout massage, combined with classic massage, warms the muscles and prepares them for physical exertion, which can significantly reduce the risk of injury.

This technique can be applied as usual or systematically, meaning regularly several times a week after training or sporadically when an athlete senses a need.

Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage is an extremely difficult and complicated technique, with very slow and targeted movements that are performed with gentle pressure on the skin. It should be emphasized that this is not a massage of the muscles, but a very specific procedure by which the fluid in the body is flushed and restored and which must be primarily very well known and properly performed to benefit the whole organism.

It is intended to increase lymph circulation, venous circulation, detoxify and expel excess fluid. It is recommended for people with varicose veins and capillaries as it successfully eliminates the symptoms of “heavy legs” and is also a very successful technique in the fight against cellulite.

Lymphatic drainage is especially recommended in the postoperative period because it significantly speeds up the recovery of the whole organism. After surgery, excess fluid builds up in the connective tissue, and drainage is necessary to improve oxygen supply to the cells, remove waste materials, and to supply nutrients to the blood. Lymphatic drainage is a very successful method of eliminating migraine problems, rheumatic diseases, sports injuries, stress and tension, and the full range of problems that arise as a result of the modern lifestyle.

The drainage lasts between 30-90 minutes, depending on the diagnosis and the area being treated, and should be performed several times a week or at strictly specified intervals to achieve the desired effect. In addition to drainage, it is advisable to perform certain circulatory exercises.

Need lymphatic drainage? Contact the staff at the Florian & Godler Wellness Center

Anti-cellulite massage

Anti-cellulite massage is the most successful technique for resolving cellulite problems, but only when performed by a skilled person. This massage should not be very painful and should not leave you bruised.

Anti-cellulite massage uses various movements (smoothing, kneading, pinch, rubbing) that should not be painful, with a tendency to move towards the heart to stimulate the drainage of the lymph, which ends in the heart. This technique is also very effective in toning, improving the firmness and radiance of the skin and improving circulation

More massage sessions are required and once good results are achieved, the efficiency lasts for a while, but to maintain this condition it is necessary to continue with treatments to prevent cellulite from returning. It is very important to note that a non-professional masseuse can cause capillary cracking and even thrombosis, so it is very important to check the expertise of the person performing the massage.

People with varicose veins should not be subjected to this technique.

Chocolate massage

This massage is just one form of relaxing massage, except that, as the name implies, it is performed with chocolate. Due to its exceptional chemical composition, chocolate has an almost euphoric effect on the skin as well as on the brain. Chocolate stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which give the skin the necessary firmness and tension.

The smell of chocolate stimulates the secretion of serotonin, a natural antidepressant, and endorphin, a hormone that is created during physical activity and is responsible for a sense of happiness and contentment. It is for these reasons that this type of massage is ideal for people suffering from symptoms of depression or anxiety.

It’s a bit more expensive because chocolate itself is more expensive than the regular cream and oil, but everyone who has tried it agrees it’s worth it.

Aroma massage

Aroma massage is a form of aromatherapy. This method combines the physical and emotional effects of a gentle massage with the healing and psychotherapeutic features of plant essences. Essential oils harmonize, stimulate and calm the body while acting on all systems and organs with impaired balance.

A classic full-body manual massage using essential oils will improve mood, calm the spirit, and ease physical ailments. Aromatic molecules of essential oils, if applied to the body, will be queried into the bloodstream, which helps reduce internal acidity, will remove heavy metals and indigestible foods that poison our blood. Essential oils supply oxygen to cells and balance the endocrine system. Their strong action and pleasant aroma affect mood, feelings, thoughts, and concentration.

Hot Stone massage

This technique is performed in such a way that the warm stones are arranged throughout the body to relax and regenerate it.

Basalt stones of volcanic origin are used for this massage. It is found in water or dried-up riverbeds. Basalt stones have a very specific heat capacity and slowly release heat during treatment. The muscles and ligaments can also be massaged by the stones themselves, as the stones are rounded and smooth due to the centuries-old action of water. This technique is great for detoxing, eliminating harmful substances from the body, against stress and tension, rheumatic problems, insomnia, and PMS.

This technique is not intended for pregnant women, heart patients, and high-pressure people, so if you are in this group, try to avoid it.

To make sure you choose the ideal massage for yourself, it is best to contact our wellness center staff to advise you and recommend the best massage for you!


In our wellness center, you can find the best sauna in Karlovac. We offer two types of sauna – a Finnish sauna and a Turkish sauna. A visit to the sauna is the best remedy for relaxing the body and mind which dates back centuries and is ahead of all other methods of body detox. In addition to the skin being activated in the sauna for the excretion of harmful substances from the body, the saunas are soothing and bring the body into balance.

The Finnish sauna is suitable for all people -except young children and babies and people with serious health problems such as heart disease or open sores on the body. The temperature of the Finnish sauna ranges from 70 ° C to 100 ° C, while the humidity is achieved by pouring water over hot stones.

Traditionally, the Finns consider the sauna extremely important in making many decisions and in connecting with loved ones in everyday life, and the comical saying is that in Finland more important decisions are made in a sauna than in a meeting.

Benefits of Finnish Body Saunas:

  • Strong detoxifying effect – the sauna stimulates sweating and stimulates the skin to excrete harmful substances from the body that accumulate from food, cosmetics, and environmental pollution.
  • Anti-stress effects on the mind – saunas also soothe people who are exposed daily to a stressful environment because they encourage the body to first relax the tension in the body, stimulate digestion and then heal.
  • Balances hormones – Due to the reduction of stress hormones (cortisol), the Finnish sauna ensures the balance of all other hormones and stimulates the adrenal glands to secrete aldosterone, which is responsible for regulating electrolytes.
  • They help with muscle soreness – saunas are especially recommended for sports professionals because they relax the muscles and help them recover faster from injuries and stretching.
  • Reduces influenza and colds – Research shows that regular sauna visits reduce susceptibility to colds and flu by as much as 30%.
  • Improve circulation and appearance of the skin – due to improved circulation, the skin will look better as each cell in the body will get the necessary nutrients and oxygen.

The Turkish sauna or bath is very different from the Finnish sauna, and it is also called the steam bath. It is based on certain skincare and cleansing rituals that date back to the past and has a very relaxing effect on the mind and body. Temperatures are also lower than in the Finnish sauna, and steam has a pleasant effect on the respiratory system.

In a Turkish bath, the relative humidity is 60-100%, and the experience itself can be compared to the inhalation we perform when we want to purify the skin, airways or sinuses. A steam bath is also great for detoxification because it promotes sweating and opens pores, which directly results in the excretion of bad substances from the body.

Turkish sauna temperatures do not exceed 45-50 ° C, so they are more tolerable than Finnish ones. Staying in a Turkish bath can range from 15 minutes to several hours, and for a full experience, visit the Karlovac Wellness Center at our hotel.

Benefits of Turkish saunas:

  • Soothing and anti-stress effects – Turkish baths are known for their relaxing effect on the body.
  • Recovery and muscle relaxation for athletes – the first part of the Turkish bath treatment is great for muscle relaxation, while the last part with cold water rinsing is desirable for muscle recovery.
  • Relief of respiratory problems – Due to the high humidity in the steam sauna, it resembles the inhalation process. Steam greatly helps with respiratory distress, and the essential oils that are sometimes added can help to purify the airways.
  • Deep Cleansing – Vapor has a great effect on the skin as it helps to open all the pores in the body which cleanses deeper layers of the skin and removes harmful substances and toxins from the body.
  • Improves circulation – The heat of the Turkish bath expands blood vessels, improves circulation and has a positive effect on health problems caused by poor circulation.

To pick the right type of sauna for you, contact the wellness center staff at the Florian & Godler Hotel and you will surely receive the best advice and recommendation that suits your needs!