Generalski stol – Zvečaj (near Restaurant DP)DOWN MREŽNICA

Plenty of waterfalls, greenery and clear, warm water – that’s Mreznica, one of the most beautiful rivers in Croatia. It is ideal for canoeing, perfect for rafting and kayaking – best to try all three boats to see which works best for you. On Mrežnica can enjoy the voyages of one to five days. Most often floats between Generalski Stol and Zvečaj, on the edge of wilderness and civilization: ranges from a bridge in Keici and ends at Zvečaj. Bathing and overcome waterfalls are an integral part of the trip.


We use professional Sotar rafting boats up to 10 people, each boat has an experienced guide-skipper in charge of the training and safety of the crew. The boat is also waterproof bag or container (barrel) for the cameras and the like. Each participant gets a paddle and vest for swimming, in the case of cold or windy weather protective equipment. If it is a canoe / kayak trip using Hypalon kayaks RobFin – for two adults and one child. Kayaks are very stable and easy to use. Each group has one or two guides (depending on size).


Upon arrival at the Rafting center “Terra Croatica” near DP Restaurant guests receive personal equipment – vests and helmets and in cooler weather neoprene pants and boots. After a half-hour break for refreshments and toilets bus or van (for smaller groups) will continue to the river. Near the bridge in Generalski stol dressing and preparation, about noon start rafting / canoeing. The journey takes 2.5-3 hours, with more short breaks for rest and bathing in waterfalls. Clear and warm in summer river, 1-2 degree waters. A suitable trip for families with children or excursions.

Useful information:

After check in at the bridge table in Rafting center “Terra Croatica”, tour starts rowing upstream to the waterfall in Keici (can be jumping, shooting and swimming at the waterfall). Then begins to paddle downstream, to Zvečaj where it exceeds a dozen waterfalls. River Mrežnica is between waterfalls quiet and very suitable for swimming. At higher water levels or tailor rafting in summer, canoe / kayak trip. Personal items to bring a T-shirt, bathing suit, towel, sandals or sneakers for water; in colder weather sweatshirt. If you wear glasses thigh them with a string. We are not responsible for lost, damaged or missing items. It is necessary that participants can swim and to abide by instructions guide-skipper not to endanger themselves or other companions. Skipper has an obligation and a right not to allow boarding the boat-raft people who said that under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In that case we will not be returned.