Hotel Florian & GodlerHeadwaters of the river Mrežnica

Experience with us untold story Slunj area of untamed and wild Mrežnica. We’ll walk you through some of the most beautiful waterfalls and travertine barriers. On our tour of Čića bridge to bridge Tržič something longer than 5 km we paddled over as many as 26 dams and waterfalls as one-third of the 93 travertine barriers on the overall course of 64 km “turquoise karst beauty”.

After a wide expanse of shallow stream arrive at the magnificent Rončević waterfall. Immediately after Rončević fall, under steep cliffs which form a narrow passage there is a fascinating Milkovića waterfall (8 meters) that takes your breath away every visitor or a seeker of intact.

This is the second highest waterfall in the Mrežnica, but by its form and the manner in which, for a small water level practically drops water over a small “slide” formed in the middle of the fall, is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Mrežnica, running until Smoljanovića fall. The bridge in Tounjski Tržić. It is at this part in only 1.2 km of, squeezed in a canyon covered with white rocks in which only briefly enters daylight, there are 9 waterfalls. In this part of the flow is strong well which lowers the water temperature of 6-7 ° C. The impact of this spring feels almost 5 kilometers downstream, which is visible by different vegetation along the river and the waterfalls and different form travertine phenomenon. Precisely at this place ends our karst adventure.


We use professional Sotar rafting boats up to 10 people, each boat has an experienced guide-skipper in charge of the training and safety of the crew. The boat is also waterproof bag or container (barrel) for the cameras and the like. Each participant gets a paddle and vest for swimming, in the case of cold or windy weather protective equipment. If it is a canoe / kayak trip using Hypalon kayaks RobFin – for two adults and one child. Kayaks are very stable and easy to use. Each group has one or two guides (depending on size).


Due to weather conditions, we suggest that you take your shirt (for colder weather long-sleeved shirt), swimsuit, towel, spare socks, sandals or sneakers for water, hat, sunglasses and cream (tie them with string) sunscreen and camera. I also suggest that you take spare clothes and shoes. It is necessary that participants can swim and to abide by instructions guide-skipper in order not to endanger themselves or other companions. Skipper has an obligation and a right not to allow boarding the boat people who said that under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In that case we will not be returned. Canoeing is carried out in a professional boat with 2+1 person. Each group has an experienced guide-skipper in charge of training and safety. The boat has also waterproof bag or container for cameras, etc.